Case awaiting trial

A case awaiting trial is when a clearance certificate is run on an individuals fingerprints and ID number and reflects with "Illicit Activity Identified" as a Case Awaiting Trial.

There are 3 outcomes for Case's Awaiting Trial:

  • Withdrawn - this is when you were arrested for the offence, however, the case was withdrawn against you.
  • Convicted - this is when you were arrested and convicted for an offence.
  • Provisionally Withdrawn - this is when the State has put the case "on hold" for further investigation or more evidence.

In some situations individuals find that the case is still pending on their name even though the case was either Withdrawn or Convicted. For example; a background check can be done through an employment agency and an illicit activity would still be identified.

Withdrawn case still pending? We will assist in having this information updated with the relevant Government Departments and the South African Police Service database.

Convicted case still pending as a Case Awaiting Trial? We will assist with this. Upon having the conviction updated as "Convicted" a Clearance Certificate will be done and an additional Criminal Record Analysis done to confirm what would be the next step.